Tuesday, August 14, 2007

QOTD: Russell Baker on bloggers

In his recent New York Review of Books piece on newspaper journalism, Russell Baker offers perhaps the most optimistic assessment of blogging ever offered by a journalist:

Blogging is a more interesting development, perhaps because bloggers are so passionate about it. It is a valuable restraint on careless and sloppy journalism, for the vigilance of the bloggers misses not the slightest error or the least omission, and the fury of their rage is terrible to bear. Committed bloggers insist that they are practicing journalism just as surely as a correspondent like John Burns is practicing journalism when reporting on the Iraq war from Baghdad for The New York Times. Anyone wishing to debate the point must be ready to argue all night and well into next week. What is indisputable is that practically every blogger can now be a columnist. With vast armies of columnists blogging away, it seems inevitable that a few may eventually produce something original, arresting, and refreshing and so breathe new life into this worn-out journalistic form.

Yes, I too look forward to the day when a precious few bubble up from the blogosphere to contribute something interesting.

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