Tuesday, June 5, 2007

News: Scooter Libby sentenced.

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, was sentenced today to 30 months in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Judging from the letters of support sent to Libby's judge, reprinted on The Smoking Gun website, he got exactly what he deserved. Donald Rumsfeld wrote that Libby was "a strong family man." Mary Matilin and James Carville worried that a harsh sentence would devastate Libby's family and "the many other children who love Scooter." Is there any doubt that he is a sexual predator? No wonder Dick Cheney didn't write for him.

Where is his flag pin?

Several Libby supporters wrote how patriotic Libby was. But I never saw him wear a flag pin on his lapel or appear on Fox News. Clearly they were just lying to protect a friend.

At any rate, here are some choice quotes from the Libby love letters...

I have always felt that he is the type of person others can hold up to their children and grandchildren as a truly honorable public servant. – Donald Rumsfeld

Having served in the White House and under pressure, I have seen how difficult it sometimes is to recall precisely a particular sequence of events. – Henry Kissinger

I know of many examples of Mr. Libby's service to individuals ... One involves his effort to persuade a newspaper not to publish information that would have endangered the life of a covert CIA agent working overseas. Late into the evening, long after most others had left the matter to be dealt with the next day, Mr. Libby worked to collect the information that was needed to persuade the editor not to run the story. His assistant Jenny Mayfield told me that was when she realized she was working for a very special person – as indeed she was. – Paul Wolfowitz

If there is anyone who fully understands our "system" for protecting classified information, I have yet to meet him. – John Bolton

" ... unswerving, unselfish, unwavering loyalty ... "

My lifelong view, which has only been validated in adulthood, is that kids are the most honest and true evaluators of people. Watching my children with Scooter, and all children with him, you'd think he hung the moon. – Mary Matalin and James Carville

I am in no sense a neoconservative, as many of my neoconservative adversaries will attest. I am, to the contrary, the kind of liberal whom many neoconservatives like to despise. (This is fine with me.)

I trouble you with these internecine details of the intellectual wards because I do not want my expression of admiration for Scooter Libby to be mistaken for ideological solidarity, or to be dismissed as the testimonial of a political comrade.
– Leon Wieseltier

During my years of friendship with Scooter, I found a singular attribute which will always remain undiminished in my mind. That is the attribute of Loyalty – unswerving, unselfish, unwavering loyalty. ... I have seen him "at the side" of my old friend Dick Cheney – attentive, thoughtful, gracious, patient and always – always – exceedingly efficient and I observed on many occasions how Dick relied on this man. The situation that has been presently played out is a bitter pill for all of us. – Alan Simpson

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